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Freedom Soaring Eagle

Freedom Soaring Eagle was born 07/07/2001 and passed away 02/19/2015. She and I trained for Search and Rescue and she loved to search. Even with some arthritis she would love to go on searches and I had to force her to retire at the age of 8 but she and I would still search for toys on my 3 acres and she loved it. When we had demonstrations of searching for the public all the kids after it was over would want to come and see her and she loved it and would shake their hands and do her Praise the Lord as I call it, where she sits ups and puts her front legs up in the air. She inspired me to save and rescue 3 other Rottweilers. She was and still is my heart dog and I miss her so very much but I feel her presence here still. In fact I feel she sent to me a dog that needed to be adopted. I had said to a friend when we were getting Freedom into her car to rush her to the Vet the day she passed that at my age I needed to find a smaller breed but I just can't because of my love for the Rottweiler. Well in Kirby TX there was a half Basset Hound half Rottweiler. He looked just like a Rottweiler but with really really short legs, I knew right away that Freedom had sent that posting to me as I was not looking at all to get another dog as I still had 3 Rottweilers. But when I accidentally saw a posting of this little guy, his face looked so much like Freedom's it took my breath away. I miss you, sweet baby Freedom, life without you is just not the same. When I am down something always happens to make me feel that you are around and it always helps me. Love Mom