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Harpo Gilliam

AKC/UKC/Int. CH Wise Choice Juke Joint Harpo

John Keats wrote: 'A thing of Beauty is a joy forever'. You were a joy to us from the minute you came to live with us. We quickly grew so close to each other. Caring for you was never "work". You came to greet me every morning with a love offering usually one of my slippers. We would spoon together in the floor while my coffee was brewing, and it felt as if we just melted into each other. I would listen to you breathe and cherish every soft breath. My love for you would wash over me and I thought my heart would burst.

I hurried through my day at work so I could get home to you. You would come out to get my little lunch cooler and did your dancing parade with it because you had a job you could do for me. Sometimes you and Eddie would be outside when I pulled into the driveway. I would look at you and my breath would catch in my throat at your beauty. You were my beloved shadow. You would leave a cool fan, or try to stay in a hot garage just to be near me.

Although full of mischief, and sometimes quite a con artist, you never once gave me any trouble. You gave me everything you had, and I held nothing back from you. You made me indescribably happy and so very proud. You loved everything and everybody.

You were my once in a lifetime dog. My sweet angel. One day we will be together again.

I love you.

Iva Gilliam