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I would like to share my story of my German Shepherd, Jake. He was my animal soul mate the short time that I had him for. He was always such a funny, silly boy. He had a lot of nick names. One was Doo Doo because when he was a puppy and we would go to the farm. He would carry around horse poos like they were balls to play with. I guess he thought that they were his personal balls that there was a never ending supply. Jake loved to swim and would litterely sit down in the lake and just stay there for awhile then jump up and run and jump trying to catch dragon flies. He was such a character. He survived Parvo at 4 1/2 months. And was very protective of me.

He was comical and loved being silly and taking the spot light. Jake would ask by looking up between me and my husband and would sing and turn circles to ask if he could go with us when we had to go somewhere. I would tell him, go ask daddy if you can go. And he would immediately run into the hallway and look up at his leash and then look at us as if saying I am ready to go. Jake loved and I mean LOVED to go for a ride. Even if it was around the block. He could even spell. When we would spell go he knew immediately what it meant. Jake absolutely loved my Grandson, Aiden. Jake and Aiden would play hide and go seek. Jake loved to find Aiden. He was very good at it too.He would bark and dance when he found Aiden hiding. When Aiden would come over I would tell Jake that his Aiden was coming over and Jake would get very happy and dance and bark and run to the front door and watch for Aiden.

He was a very particular dog in the manner of being comfortable in his own space on our bed at night. If you touched him, he would grunt and move or get off of the bed. He was a very loving boy towards other animals. We raised two baby squirrels that he took as his own little friends. Even though he would love to spot squirrels at the farm and try to catch them. We even adopted two cats that he immediately fell in love with. Also we acquired a Mini Schnauzer that he became quick best friends with. He was friends with a Chihuahua and Yorkie. He was so gentle around them as not to hurt them by accident. Jake was an all round wonderful companion and family member.

He lived his life to please others. He lived his life up until the day he passed away. He came in from barking and playing outside to hiding behind the couch and out of breath. I tried to get him up and when he finally did, he was walking very wobbly to the door. We took him to the vet hospital where they referred us to a better prepared hospital for Jake's needs. There we found that Jake had cancer in his lungs and a tumor in his heart. The tumor had ruptured and blood had filled the sack surrounding his heart. Upon surgery to draw the fluid out, Jake went into cardiac arrest. Where he did not recover from. I could not have asked for better people to have handled Jake's needs in the end. This was a great comfort as I know that Jake did not suffer in the end. My husband and I decided we wanted to have Jake ashes and that is where Live Oak Pet Services came in.

They were very professional and affordable as well. I was very touched at the personal note that they put in his urn box along with other memorable items. I shall treasure Jake's remains always and they will be spread with my husband and I when we pass away. Jake was not just a dog, he was like a person trapped in a dogs body. I loved him more that I can explain in words. I would have given my life for him and he is truly missed everyday. My life is so much richer because I have had seven years with an Angel in a dogs form. RIP my love. Love Mommy and Daddy

Lisa and Bill Stockstill and Jake