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Jennifer Blanton

Jennifer grew up around Tyler Texas with dogs, cats, horses, and a myriad of other species along the way.  After graduating from Whitehouse High, she went to Tyler Junior College, and then graduated with a BS in Biomedical Science in 1997 from Texas A&M. She began her professional career at Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory in Clinical Pathology department and was there for 9 years before joining Live Oak in 2008.

She is a founding member of Aggiel and Pets with a Purpose, a therapy animal group started in 2002. She has certified several of her dogs (and a ferret) since the group’s inception.  She is also a founding member as well as a Board Member for Cen-Tex, a local Canine Search and Rescue Team founded in 2002. Starting with her Rottweiler Aspen, she has worked Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, made recoveries on drowning victims, as well as other scenarios.  Aspen worked with her for 8 years until she was 10, retiring and soon passing too early due to bone cancer in 2010. Jennifer is currently working 2 border collies, Wink and Twist. Wink (4 yrs), certified in Trailing and Human Remains Detection and Twist, (1.5 yrs), is certified in Human Remains Detection.

Jennifer and her husband have helped and fostered with Rottweiler Rescue since 1999 as well as various other animals and breeds. In 2008 they adopted 3 parrots through Texas A&M’s Shubot Center. Jennifer and her Husband have adopted several dogs through shelters and taken in strays, as well as getting a few dogs from breeders.  In 2009 they decided to look at adoption to expand their human family. In March 2010, 8-year-old Alex came into their lives; they happily adopted him in December 2010.