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Memories In Clay

Now you can permanently preserve your dog's paw print with this one of a kind keepsake.Entirely custom made, we will send you a kit so that we can imprint your pet's paw.You send it back to us and we create this beautiful ceramic keepsake.The perfect way to always remember your pet.

The dog paw tiles come as an imprint or a pop-out 3D effect.You can display it on a small plate holder that is included with purchase, or place it in your own shadow box for safe keeping. Either way, you'll be able to remember your pet forever with this beautiful ceramic heirloom.The paw print tile will also include your pet's name.All of our tiles and ornaments are kiln fired and use ceramic glaze.

Size: 6" circle tile (can be substituted for square / heart shape)

Price is $115.00