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Sophie Nistetter

It is with a very heavy heart and deep sadness that we bid farewell to Sophie who unexpectedly crossed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday, August 15, 2015. Even while suffering from an aggressive form of cancer that had been developing unbeknownst to anyone, Sophie cheerfully carried out her duties as a Registered Therapy Dog at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital. Just five days prior to her passing Sophie participated in an interview with the Houston Chronicle featuring her work and services. The resulting article can be seen at:

Sophie not only brought comfort to hospital patients but also to staff and visitors as well. Her sweet disposition toward all who met her enabled them to look past their own problems and find happiness and comfort during each of her visits. Having logged nearly 1,000 hours of service, Sophie was loved by all who were blessed to know her or experience her unique ability to heal and bring comfort to those in need.

What a pleasure it was to watch the staff break into smiles and joyful cries of "Sophie!" when they saw her coming down the hospital halls. Sophie would toss her head like a frisky colt and all the space around her would become a warm and happy place. The magic that Sophie displayed had to be seen to be believed: the intense eye contact with seriously ill patients, her version of a hug where she would stand at someone's bedside and lay her chin on their blanket, her amazing gentleness with children, or her unique connection with the learning challenged. She was an unconditional giver of love and I often watched as she exhausted herself giving her energy to whoever needed it.

Rest in peace precious Sophie and thank you for your unwavering service to so many. You were indeed an Angel of the Lord and it was an incredible privilege to have been your human. You were a dedicated and loyal buddy who I called my Velcro dog because you were always with me. You will be missed and never forgotten!