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Treavor’s Tale

By Lindsay R. Syler, DVM

Treavor came to me by way of the shelter while I was attending college. He had been there for more than 10 days and was set to be euthanized the next day. I couldn’t stand it…..his beaming eyes said “give me a chance.” Although the shelter told me he was 3 years old, we soon found out that he was more like 10 years. A couple of years after rescuing him, a trip to his veterinarian’s office revealed a very slow heart rate and we were referred to Texas A&M where Treavor was diagnosed with a 3rd degree heart block and the decision was to install a pace maker to help give him a longer and better quality of life. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that he would make it though a pace maker change 5 years later and several surgeries in between, but Treavor just kept on ticking. Granted, I am a veterinarian, and I see many happy, playful dogs every day, but my Treavor (a.k.a. “Mom’s Little Pimple”) was the absolute happiest dog ever. There wasn’t a moment that he was not wagging his tail and hopping around the house or the veterinary clinic greeting people with his cheerful bark, wagging tail, and sparkling eyes. Treavor just glowed. Treavor was about 17 when he finally passed away, but he lived for me and was there to comfort me through it all. I miss him every day and a tribute to him stands in a special case in my home to remind me daily of what true love and companionship with a pet is all about. Treavor, you were the best and I will always miss my little pimple. There may be other pets that I love down the road but there will never be one that compares to you in your happiness and your love of life and friendship.